2018 UTCC PROES Workshop

Oct 22 - 23, 2018 | Paris, France


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Agenda GEWEX Upper Tropospheric Clouds & Convection PROcess Evaluation Study meeting

UPMC Sorbonne University, Paris, France


Day 1 (Room 24 – 02, Tour Zamansky (central tower), 24th floor)

09:00 Registration

09:15 Welcome, logistics – Claudia Stubenrauch

09:25 GEWEX updateGraeme Stephens

09:40 UTCC PROES update & goals for this meetingClaudia Stubenrauch

09:55 Round-table presentation of participants

10:10 The Release 5 CloudSat Products: Upgrades of Relevance to UT Cloud Process StudiesTristan L’Ecuyer, University of Wisconsin, USA

Observational analyses of mesoscale convective systems (20 minutes each)

10:35 A Mesoscale Convective Systems Database over the tropical belt for the 2012-2016 period, derived from the Meteorological Geostationary FleetThomas Fiolleau, CNRS, LEGOS, France

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 MCS cloud life cycle from merged satellite dataDominique Bouniol, CNRM, GMME, France

11:20 MCS life cycle and precipitation in the tropics: climatology and extremes –
Remy Roca, CNRS, LEGOS, France

11:45 The life cycle of anvil clouds from SEVIRILuca Bugliario, DLR, Germany

12:10 Monitoring deep convection and convective overshooting using MHS: A CloudSat/Calipso-based assessmentJean-François Rysman, LMD, France

12:35 Group photo and lunch

14:30 Horizontal emissivity structure of UT cloud systems and resulting heating (A-Train Synergy)
Claudia Stubenrauch, CNRS, LMD, France

Water vapor and convective transport (20 minutes each)

14:55 Statistical downscaling of water vapour satellite measurements from observations of tropical ice cloudsGulia Carella, LSCE, France

15:20 Upper tropospheric water vapour and its interaction with cirrus clouds – Insights from two decades of IAGOS in-situ observationsAndreas Petzold, FZ Juelich, Germany

15:45 High convective clouds in the Asian monsoon TTLBernard Legras, CNRS, LMD, France

16:10 Coffee break

16:30 On the Use of Tracer Measurements to Diagnose Convective Transport Pathways from the PBL to the UTJohnny Luo, CUNY, City College, USA

16:55 Discussion: Summarizing observational advances and potential diagnostics for comparison  to models

Process studies (25 minutes)

17:30 The dynamical and microphysical support of convective anvilsSusan Van den Heever, CSU, USA (remote)

17:55 Discussions on potential of process studies

Adjourn 18:30

Day 2 (Earth, Environment and Biodiversity Faculty Conference Room, Tower 45/55, 3rd floor)

Climate variation and feedbacks (20 minutes each)

09:30 Observed cloud anomalies associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation, and their radiative feedbackGeorgios Papavasileiou, IMK-TRO, KIT, Germany

09:55 Regional intensification of the tropical hydrological cycle during ENSOGraeme Stephens, NASA JPL, USA

10:20 Roles of Convection in the Maintenance of Tropical MarginsHirohiko Masunaga, Nagoya University, Japan

10:45 Coffee break

11:10 Quantifying the relative importance of the middle and upper troposphere for the clear-sky outgoing longwave radiationVenkatachalam Ramaswamy, NOAA GFDL, USA

11:35 Discussions on cirrus heating and feedback

12:25 lunch

Parameterizations and model diagnostic studies (20 minutes each)

14:00 Simulating ice crystal formation by convective detrainment and in-situ formation with our new cloud routine for the GCM ECHAM-HAM – Part 1, Part 2Steffen Muench, ETHZ, Switzerland

14:25 Using a Cloud System Concept to assess bulk ice fall speed parameterizations in the LMDZ GCM
Marine Bonazzola, LMD, France

14:50 A parametrization of the dynamics of cold pool population in the LMDZ GCMJean-Yves Grandpeix, LMD, France

15:15 High cloud responses to aerosols and surface warming in two versions of E3SM with different cloud and convection tuningsPo-Lun Ma, PNNL, USA

15:40 Coffee and Discussion

Bring observations and models together, and next steps:

  • cooperations built since last meeting
  • synergetic UT cloud system data for climate studies and model assessment
  • other specific new diagnostics to be used for evaluating modelling at different scales (CRM which resolve convection and GCM which use parameterizations)
  • preparation of review article ?

Adjourn 17:00