2018 UTCC PROES Workshop

Oct 22 - 23, 2018 | Paris, France

The GEWEX Upper Tropospheric Clouds and Convection Process Evaluation Study (UTCC PROES) working group was created in 2015 to ultimately advance our knowledge of the climate feedbacks of Upper Tropospheric (UT) clouds. Convection is a fundamental mode of mixing and transport, moving heat, moisture, momentum, and atmospheric constituents through the Earth’s atmosphere. Convective storms are the sole source of precipitation in many regions of our planet. UT clouds, formed as outflow of convection, play a vital role in the Earth’s weather and climate system by modulating the Earth’s energy budget and UT heat transport. As large-scale modeling is necessary to identify the most influential feedback mechanisms, it is important that the relevant cloud processes are well represented in climate models. Therefore, UTCC PROES goals are to:

  • Understand the relation between convection, cirrus anvils and radiative heating, and
  • Develop observational diagnostic methods to probe processes that detrain UT clouds from convection.

The 3rd UTCC PROES Workshop was held in October 2018, with 30 participants hosted by the Sorbonne University in Paris. During the two-day event, participants discussed observational analyses of mesoscale convective systems, water vapor and convective transport, process studies, climate variation and feedbacks, as well as parameterizations and model diagnostic studies. A Workshop summary will be available in the 2019 Quarter 1 issue of GEWEX News.
You can find the presentations (pdf) here.

Thanks to all our colleagues who could actively participate and made this workshop successful.