2017 GHP-TPE Meeting

Oct 17 - 19, 2017 | Kathmandu, Nepal

TPE-GHP Workshop
Kathmandu, Hotel Himalaya | 17-20 October 2017

Draft Agenda

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

0840-9000: Opening statements from local and organizing committees (Deepak, Y. Ma, Peter van Oevelen)

0900-1020: Introductory Session GHP/TPE Water and Energy Cycles

0900-0920: Atmospheric Profiling Synthetic Observation System (APSOS) over Yangbajing, Tibet regards (Daren Lyu, IAP/CAS)

0920-0940: GEWEX status and perspectives (Peter van Oevelen, International GEWEX Project Office)

0940-1000: TPE progress and purpose of this workshop (Ailikun, TPE IPO)

1000-1020: GHP current and planned activities (Joan Cuxart, GHP)

1020-1050: Coffee break

1050-1230: Scientific Presentations I

1050-1110: The Karakorum anomaly (Nathan Forsythe, Newcastle University)

1110-1130: Using field observations and satellite data for the energy and water cycle study over heterogeneous landscape of the Third Pole region: Slides 1-20 and Slides 21-40 (Yaoming Ma, ITPCAS)

1130-1150: The climate condition of Nepal and possible prediction for the future (Deepak Aryal, Tribhuvan University)

1150-1210: ECMWF activities and GHP (Christel Prudhomme, ECMWF)

1210-1230: Long term change of South Asia monsoon (Madan Shrestha, NAST)

1230-1400: Lunch

1400-1540: RHP Activities

1400-1420: Earth system science for the Baltic region (Baltic Earth) (Marcus Reckermann, Baltic Earth)

1420-1440: Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN) (Chris DeBeer, University of Saskatchewan)

1440-1500: Prospective RHP for the Pannonian Basin (PannEx) (Monika Lakatos, Hungarian Met Service)

1500-1520: A coordinated research effort for the Andean region (Silvina Solman, University of Buenos Aires)

1520-1540: Post-MAHASRI RHP planning in monsoon Asia: Slides 1-18 and Slides 19-37 (Toru Terao, Kagawa University)

1540-1600: Break

1600-1730 GHP Panel Meeting, Part I (restricted)

Discussion on current, prospective, and possible future RHPs, including reports on HyMEX (Dobrinsky/Ducrocq), HyVIC (Semazzi/Marsham) and OzEWEX (Westra/Van Dijk)

1900-2100 Reception Dinner (hosted by CAS-TU Kathmandu Centre For Research and Education-KCRE)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

0900-1040: Scientific Presentations II

0900-0920: Estimating radar reflectivity – Snowfall rate relationships and their uncertainties over Antarctica by combining disdrometer and radar observations (Nicole Van Lipzig, KU Leuven; Niels Souverijns, KU Leuven, co-author)

0929-0940: Understanding Spatial-temporal radiation distribution characteristics over the third pole region by remote sensing techniques (Jiancheng Shi, RADI/CAS)

0940-1000: Advances and Challenges in Land-atmosphere Interactions in TPE – In-situ observation, Remote Sensing and Modeling (Bob Su, University of Twente)

1000-1020: Land Surface Energy and Water Exchange in High Mountain Asia by Remote Sensing: Slides 1-19 and Slides 20-37 (Li Jia, RADI/CAS)

1020-1040: Transboundary Air Pollution and Its Impact on Cryospheric Changes over the Third Pole: Slides 1-17 and Slides 18-33 (Qianggong Zhang, ITPCAS)

1040-1110: Coffee Break

1110-1230: Cross-Cut and Data Center Reports

1110-1130: Status and activities at GPCC, HYDROLARE, and GRDC (Ulrich Looser)

1130-1150: INTElligent use of climate models for adaptation to non-Stationary climate Extremes (INTENSE) (Nathan Forsythe, Newcastle University)

1150-1210: International Network for Alpine Research Catchment Hydrology (INARCH) (Chris DeBeer, University of Saskatchewan)

1210-1230: Water management in large scale models (Richard Harding)

1230-1400: Lunch

1400-1540: Scientific Presentations III

1400-1420: Monitoring and modeling of cold region hydrological process in a Third Pole high mountain river basin (Xin Li, CAREERI/CAS)

1420-1440: Water cycle modeling for the third pole: Progress and perspectives (Kun Yang, ITPCAS)

1440-1500: Hydrological modeling in alpine catchment on the Tibetan Plateau (Fan Zhang, ITPCAS)

1500-1520: Early warnings of hazardous thunderstorms over Lake Victoria (Nicole Van Lipzig, KU Leuven; Wim Thiery, Vrije Universiteit Brussel/ETH, co-author)

1520-1540: Climate change and water induced disaster risk and adaptation (Narendra Khanal, Tribhuvan University)

1540-1600: Break

1600-1730: GHP Panel Meeting, Part 2 (restricted)

Discussion on Data Centers and CCs including report on Cold Shoulder Precipitation (Stewart and Groisman) and new initiatives

Thursday, 19 October 2017

0900-1040: Scientific Presentations IV

0900-0920: High Mountain Summit (recorded) (D. Grimes et al., WMO)

0920-0940: Understanding Climate Model Uncertainty through Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity (EMIC) (Qingyun Duan, Beijing Normal University)

0940-1000: Regional climate modeling over the Tibetan Plateau (Shuyu Wang, Nanjing University)

1000-1020: Climate change, water resources and agriculture in Nepal [(Chet Raj Upreti, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, Kathmandu)]

1020-1040: Climate change impact to human and society in Nepal (Prem Chapagain, Tribhuvan University)

1040-1110: Coffee Break

1110-1300: General discussion, TPE-GHP

1300-1430: Lunch

1430-1600: GHP Panel Meeting, Part 3 (restricted)

1600-1630: Break

1630-1730: Open for Side Meetings


The background photo by Marina & Enrique is used under the Creative Commons License.