Oct 22 - 26, 2018 | Santiago and Portillo, Chile

Santiago and Portillo, Chile

General information

  • Please check with the Consulate of Chile in your country if you need a VISA to enter the country. Depending on your country of origin, you may need to pay a fee upon arrival at the Santiago Airport.
  • If you want to extend your trip and enjoy our country, please visit Gochile (there is plenty of practical info there) or the Servicio Nacional de Turismo.
  • INARCH will occur during late spring. Expect warm, pleasant weather for most of the time. During October, Santiago temperatures range between 7-23 °C and usually there is NO precipitation. You can check the weather forecast at the Weather Service. Portillo, on the other hand, is a high elevation mountain site, with temperatures ranging between -3-10 °C. Solar radiation is very high in central Chile at this time of the year, so bring a hat and your favorite sunscreen.
  • The peso ($) is the national currency. At the time of writing this page 1 US Dollar = $ 696– and 1 Euro = $ 807. See daily values here.
  • You can pay in USD/Euros at hotels (recomeded to avoid being charged the local VAT of 19%) and transportation from/to the airport.
  • Elsewhere (restaurants, local transportation), only Chilean Pesos ($) are accepted. Money exchanges are available at the airport, some hotels, banks, and money exchange agencies (most of them in downtown and Providencia). There is NO money exchange at the venue.

Meeting Locations

The ANDEX Workshop (22-24 Oct. 2018), the GHP Panel Meeting (24-26 Oct. 2018), and the joint ANDEX-GHP-INARCH meeting (24 Oct. 2018) will be held at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Beauchef Campus) at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago. All meetings will be held in room B07 at the Beauchef campus (see the venue map). The street address is Beauchef 851, Santiago. See the Santiago overview map and the venue neighborhood map. The Santiago subway is a very convenient way to reach the venue, but you need to walk 15 minutes from the closest station to our campus (see the venue neighborhood map). Alternatively, your hotel staff can get a taxi for you (from Providencia to Beaucheff, about $7.000 or 10 USD).

The 4th INARCH Wokshop will be held at the Portillo Hotel (24 – 26 October  2018).

Transportation from the Airport

  • Santiago Airport information
  • For your own safety, it is recommended that you use the transportation service authorized by the Santiago Airport (taxi or shuttle service).
  • There is a counter for official ground transportation at the baggage claims area of the airport.
  • The price of a taxi airport-city is US$ 35. There is also a very good shared Van service, Transvip, at US$ 15.
  • There is also an official bus service (CENTROPUERTO, blue buses) from the airport which connect directly with subway stations Pajaritos and Los Heroes (both at line 1). A one-way ticket is $ 2.000 (3 US$). Buses depart every 20-30 minutes.

Transportation to the Meeting Venues

The best way to get to the Beauchef campus is using the Santiago subway (“Metro”). Nearby stations include “Republica” (Line 1)  and “Toesca” (Line 2) (see the venue neighborhood map for stop locations). After taking the subway, you will need to walk 15 minutes from the closest station to our campus (see the venue neighborhood map). Alternatively, your hotel staff can get a taxi for you (from Providencia to Beaucheff, about $7.000 or 10 USD).

Transportation to the Portillo hotel will be by bus, provided by the meeting organization. The bus will leave from the Beauchef Campus after lunch. Self transportation to Portillo is possible, but not recommended. If you need special transportation arrangements, please contact the local organizer.

Where to Stay While in Santiago

Santiago is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a wide variety of lodging alternatives, from student hostels to luxury hotels. If you plan to spend time in the city before or after the meeting, desirable neighborhoods to stay include the area near the Bellas Artes Museum, and the Providencia area. A good option for accommodation is the Novotel Santiago Provindencia. More information on venue, transportation, hotels and other points of interest in Santiago can be found here.

Where to Stay While in Portillo

Information on where to stay in Portillo can be found here.