Oct 22 - 26, 2018 | Santiago and Portillo, Chile

ANDEX, 22 – 24 October 2018

ANDEX is a proposed new Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP) under the umbrella of GEWEX that aims to improve our understanding and prediction of climate and hydrology along the Andes cordillera. It will integrate atmospheric and hydrologic models, and assimilate local and remotely sensed data products.

A small initial planning workshop was held in Medellin, Colombia in early December of 2017 under the auspices of GEWEX and WCRP to explore the viability and steps forward to implement ANDEX-RHP. After the Medellin meeting, a group of researchers have collaborated on a “White Book” to draw up an inventory of the communities understanding, scientific gaps as well as interest of this region.

Since RHPs represent the interest and collaborative activities of a science community and needs to be driven by an interest and effort by a core group through institutional resources, the workshop in  Santiago de Chile is to determine the level of interest in such a GEWEX RHP and to assess whether the level of scientific activity currently underway or planned would be sufficient to get to the stage of initiating RHP. Thus, the Santiago meeting aims to:

  • Review of Andes Hydroclimate White Book status
  • Identification of overarching themes and major questions
  • First approach to implementation plans

More information on topics and speakers can be found in the preliminary agenda.

The ANDEX workshop is hosted by René Garreaud at the Universidad de Chile and received sponsorship from the Center for Climate and Resilience Research and the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Universidad de Chile.


GHP Panel meeting, 24 – 26 October 2018 – (by invitation only)

The 2018 GEWEX Hydroclimatology Program (GHP) meeting will be held in Santiago, Chile from Wednesday through Friday, 24-26 October 2018. It will be hosted by René Garreaud at the Universidad de Chile.

The GHP Panel meeting will be used to review the state of the current ongoing actions (Regional Hydroclimate Projects, Cross-Cut actions and the links with the Data Centers). GHP participants will evaluate ongoing and planned GHP activities and asses future actions to ensure that the Panel contributes effectively to the leading role that GEWEX plays in the hydrological and climate sciences and related modeling activities. The GEWEX Science Questions and the WCRP Grand Challenges will be at the heart of these discussions, which will result in improved interactions between the GEWEX RHPs and strengthen their involvement in the crosscutting projects.

More information concerning venue, hotel, logistics and general information on Santiago can be found at Local Information.

More information on topics and speakers can be found in the preliminary agenda.


4th INARCH workshop, 24 – 26 October 2018

INARCH (International Network for Alpine Research Catchment Hydrology) is a network of scientists studying mountain hydrology around the world and has the overall objective to better understand alpine cold regions hydrological processes, improve their prediction, and find consistent measurement strategies.

The 4th annual INARCH workshop will bring together this network to follow up on activities, progress, and plans towards its overall objective and its research questions relating to alpine hydrology. A number of topics will be reviewed and discussed, including: field observations, catchment data and emerging methods, snow hydrology, glacier hydrology, model simulation and data assimilation, and the interface of science to policy. Progress on a multi-scale climate change vulnerability analysis of cold alpine snow hydrological systems using the Cold Regions Hydrological Model on INARCH basins worldwide will be shown. Regional initiatives and linkages with various external organizations, such as Future Earth’s Sustainable Water Futures Programme and UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme, as well as the Canadian-led Global Water Futures Project (www.globalwaterfutures.ca)–a proposed GEWEX regional hydroclimate project for Canada–and the recently proposed and initiating ANDEX RHP for the Andes, will be discussed.  INARCH is working towards a pre-assessment synthesis article on climate impacts to water security in global mountain regions to inform the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate and the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, and this will be further developed at the workshop.

More information on topics and speakers can be found in the preliminary agenda.

The local organizer of the 4th INARCH Workshop is James McPhee of the Universidad de Chile.


Joint ANDEX – GHP – INARCH Meeting, 24 October 2018

On October 24th scientists from all three meeting will join to discuss subjects of common interest, enhancing transregional scientific collaboration on mountainous terrain topics in a consistent manner with the overall objectives of GHP.


More information concerning venue, hotel, logistics and general information can be found at Local Information.

Participants of one or more meetings are asked to register.