2014 GHP Meeting

Dec 10 - 13, 2014 | Pasadena, California, USA

Meeting of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) Project Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP)


California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, USA
10 – 13 December 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

0900-0920 Welcome Remarks and Meeting Logistics

0920-1700 Joint meeting (open session) with representatives of the Global Drought Information System (GDIS) and all GHP participants. Reports will be heard from representatives of the GHP RHPs and other GHP/GDIS scientists on drought-related research.

0920-1000 Programmatic overviews of GHP and GDIS

1000-1030 WCRP Grand Challenges on Extremes and Water Availability

1030-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1240 Presentations on GEWEX RHPS and their drought-related research RHP Representatives – 25 minutes total; 20 minute presentation plus questions

1240-1400 Lunch break

1400-1530 GDIS Representative Reports

1530-1600 Coffee Break

1600-1630 Drought monitoring and prediction in Africa – Eric Wood (30 minutes including discussion)

1630-1700 Joint Session Wrap-Up (Evans/Polcher/Schubert/All)

Review topics including RHP process level studies, triggers and/or mechanisms of intensification (both large-scale teleconnections and local feedbacks), and interactions with operational agencies in terms of drought monitoring and how those intersect with GDIS efforts.

Summarize how the joint session discussions could lead to better interaction between GDIS and the drought related efforts in the RHPs and how this could be of importance to society and relevant to climate services.

1700 Adjourn

Thursday, December 11, 2013


An open session will be organized on the topic of Hydrology that Addresses Water Challenges on a Changing Planet, including a remote sensing perspective. JPL scientists will be asked to contribute talks to this session.

0900-0945 Introductory talks (15 minutes)

  • Panel objectives/meeting goals (J. Polcher)
  • GEWEX priorities/outlook (G. Stephens)
  • A short history of RHPs (R. Stewart)


Participants will present previous accomplishments, work underway, and future plans emphasizing existing/new cross-cutting activities. In all cases comments from existing (and past and prospective) RHPs are sought, with particular focus on relevant science underway or achieved within those programs. 30 minutes including questions.


1045-1115 Coffee Break


1215-1345 Lunch


1515-1545 Coffee Break


1705-1730 Summary Discussion
1730 Adjourn
1900-2000 Public Lecture at Pasadena City College (Howard Wheater)

Friday December 12, 2013

0900-1700 Panel business (open to all)

0900-0920 IGPO Update, JSC Report, & GEWEX 2014 conference (P.J. van Oevelen)

0920-1000 Interactions with Other Groups

1000-1030 Reports on RHP activities not covered in the previous days

1030-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1130 Reports on RHP activities not covered in the previous days (Continued)

1130-1230 Proposed/Potential RHPs

Specific presentations must be made by representatives of candidate RHPs on their science/implementation plans and activities relevant to advancing to/beyond Initiating RHP per existing criteria (30 mins).

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Proposed/Potential RHPs (Continued)

  • BalticEarth (M. Reckerman)
  • RELAMPAGO (J. Polcher/A. Nunes with cross-cutting project proposal)
  • Eastern Europe/Pannonian Region – (Joan Cuxart Rodamilans) to cover outcome of recent workshop in Zagreb and identification of potential participants
  • US efforts for a GEWEX RHP type activity (G. Stephens, R. Rasmussen, F. Dominguez, A. Barros)

1530-1600 Coffee Break


  • US efforts for a GEWEX RHP type activity (Continued)

1630-1700 Summary Discussion/Action review

1700 Adjourn

Saturday December 13, 2013

0900-1700 Panel business meeting (Mandatory for all Panel members and GEWEX/WGRC/RHP Reps available and open to all others)


  • Presentation by Panel member attending her first meeting (30 mins includingquestions) – Silvina Solman
  • Presentation on interaction with WGRC (30 minutes including questions) – Bruce Hewitson

1000-1030 Open Discussion

1030-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1230 RHP and Crosscutting Science (CCs) Projects

Review and evaluation with decision on candidates RHPs and CCs including Interactions between RHPs and CCs (Polcher/Evans as discussion leaders)

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1500 Interactions with other GEWEX and WCRP activities (M. Ek, R. Uijlenhoet)

1500-1600 Evaluation on progress on the GEWEX science questions (Polcher/Evans as discussion leaders)

1600 Adjourn

Background image by Luis Deliz used under Creative Commons license.