Pan-GEWEX 2022

Jul 27 - 30, 2022 | Monterey, CA, U.S.A.

Pan-GEWEX 2022 (by invitation only)
In conjunction with the 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting, Understanding and Modeling Atmospheric Processes (UMAP 2022), GEWEX will have an invitation-only Pan-GEWEX Meeting at the same venue from 27-30 July 2022, where the four GEWEX Panels will conduct relevant matters business. Another goal of this in-person meeting is to facilitate the closer interaction between panels.

The Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS) Panel activities facilitate and support the international community that carries out and uses observations, process studies, and numerical model experiments with the goal of advancing the understanding and prediction of weather and climate. Primarily, GASS coordinates scientific projects that bring together experts to contribute to the physical understanding of atmospheric processes and their representation in weather and climate models.

The GEWEX Data and Analysis Panel (GDAP) guides the production and evaluation of long term, global atmospheric, surface water, and energy budget products.

The GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) aims to understand and predict continental to local-scale hydroclimates for hydrologic applications.

The Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) focuses on model development and evaluation, concentrating on the new generation of land surface models.


The agenda will become available in the period 1 – 8 July 2022.


If you have received an invitation and want to attend this meeting, please register.

The registration fee to attend the 2022 Pan-GEWEX Meeting is USD $100. Exempt from the 2022 Pan-GEWEX registration fee are those who also attend the 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting, Understanding and Modeling Atmospheric Processes (UMAP 2022) and have paid or will pay the registration fee for UMAP 2022.


The Pan-GEWEX Meeting will be held at:

Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel
1 Old Golf Course Rd
Monterey, CA 93940

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Visa and other requirements to enter the United States

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Group outing

The group outing on Saturday, July 30th will be a whale watching excursion off the coast of Monterey Bay. Prior to the cruise, participants can meet for a short hike along the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. Dinner will follow the cruise, with each participant expected to pay for their meal. The hike and cruise are free of charge. Please confirm your attendance for the cruise and dinner by sending an email to before 18 July 2022 so that we can plan accordingly. If you would only like to attend the cruise or only the dinner, please note that in your email.

Background image courtesy of Sergei Gussev, ‘Old fisherman’s Wharf’