Hydrology Delivers Earth System Sciences to Society 4

May 16 - 19, 2017 | The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

The program is outlined below. The full agenda is available here.

Symposium Sessions:

Consecutive 20 minute keynote presentations will be followed by 30 minutes of open discussion.

  1. Changes of Climate Forcing and Terrestrial Feedback
    LS3MIP/CMIP6 & GSWP3/GLASS: Hyungjun Kim, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    ESM-SnowMIP: Gerhard Krinner, LGGE, France
    LUMIP: Dave Lawrence, NCAR, USA
  2. Changing Climate and Natural-Human System
    ISIMIP: Jacob Schewe, PIK, Germany
    WFaS: Yoshihide Wada, IIASA, Austria
    H08: Naota Hanasaki, NIES, Japan
  3. Satellite Remote Sensing and Model Integration
    WWO/NASA: James Famiglietti, JPL/NASA, USA
    EORC/JAXA: Riko Oki, EORC/JAXA, Japan
    DIAS: Akiyuki Kawasaki, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  4. Dealing with Uncertainties in Model Simulations
    ILAMB: Forrest Hoffman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    PALS: Gab Abramowitz, University of South Wales, Australia
    HAPPI: Daniel Mitchell, Bristol University
  5. Delivering Science to Society
    Taikan Oki, University of Tokyo, Japan
    Murugesu Sivapalan, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA
    Joon Kim, Seoul National University, Korea

Workshop Sessions:

The workshop sessions will consist of 6 talks, with each talk 15 minutes in length including Q/A. The topics will cover a broad range of topics from the Earth system to social sciences related to climate extremes and including extreme events and global circulations.

  1. Climate Extremes: Atmospheric Forcing, Land Feedback and Propagation
    Chair: Tomohito Yamada, Hokkaido University, Japan; Jin-Ho Yoon, GIST, Korea
  2. Interaction between Nature and Society: Modeling and Policies
    Chair: Min-Hui Lo, National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Shinichiro Nakamura, Nagoya University
  3. Short-/mid-range Hydrologic Forecast and Data Assimilation
    Chair: David Cedric, JPL/NASA, USA; Kei Yoshimura, University of Tokyo, Japan
  4. Satellite Remote Sensing for Extreme Monitoring
    Chair: JT Reager, JPL, USA; Shinta Seto, Nagasaki University, Japan

Open Science Sessions:

  1. Open ISIMIP Session
    Jacob Schewe, PIK, Germany; Hyungjun Kim, University of Tokyo, Japan
  2. Open GLASS/GEWEX Session
    Gab Abramowitz, University of South Wales, Australia; Mike Ek, NCEP, USA; Aaron Boone, Meteo-France, France; Sonia Seneviratne, ETH, Switzerland; Hyungjun Kim, University of Tokyo, Japan

Tutorial Sessions:

  1. ILAMB Model Benchmarking Package: Description, Installation, and Basic Operation 
    Nathan Collier, ORNL, USA
  2. ILAMB Model Benchmarking Package: User issues, Package Design, and Advanced Usage
    Nathan Collier (ORNL, USA)

Joint Project Meetings are managed by each project (e.g., GSWP, ISIMIP, RivMIP, ILAMB, ESM-SnowMIP, HAPPI, and so on), and parts of meetings are possibly opened to registered observers.


HESSS4 is jointly supported by Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (IIS UTokyo SYMPOSIUM No.90), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS, 16H06291), International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS)/ International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), and Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX)