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The GEWEX-SoilWat Initiative: First Planning Workshop for Scope and Interactions
Advancing Integration of Soil and Subsurface Processes in Climate Models
Leipzig, Germany
June 28-30, 2016

The Soil and Critical Zone communities have been exploring ways to broaden disciplinary participation in addressing global challenges where soil and subsurface processes (groundwater) play important roles – these include climate change, food security, land and water resources and more. GEWEX plays a prominent role in quantifying land-atmosphere interactions in various modeling platforms and can help foster synergistic interactions between the soil/subsurface and the climate communities. The primary objectives of this planning workshop are to harness the enthusiastic expressions of interest from both communities and transform these into an effective and sustainable plan of action.

We seek input from the two communities (GEWEX and Soil/Groundwater) to identify the most pressing challenges and scientific topics, how to mutually engage and cooperate, how to weave such activities into the present GEWEX structure, how to provide feedback to the soil/water communities, and how to expand and involve other interested people. In short, we hope to shape and promote cooperation that would benefit the scientific communities involved.