Past Meetings

1st GLASS/GHP Workshop on Irrigation

Nov 4, 2021- Nov 5, 2021

The GEWEX Irrigation project is an initiative of the Global Land-Atmosphere System Studies (GLASS) and GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) panels to advance our understanding of the impacts of irrigation on the water and energy cycles and to better represent these effects in models. Volunteer efforts and recently funded projects (e.g., LIAISE, GRAINEX, Irrigation+) have demonstrated […]

2021 GLASS Panel Meeting (by invitation only)

Oct 25, 2021- Oct 28, 2021

The GEWEX/Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) panel is a volunteer-based research coordination panel focusing on land model development and evaluation in three core areas: process-oriented exploration, benchmarking (grid-cell to regional to global scales), and global-scale model experimentation and intercomparison. GLASS encourages and coordinates community-based activities in these areas, covering climate and weather timescales in both […]

Workshop on Central Asia
An exploration of climate science in Central Asia –
moving towards frontiers of knowledge and action

Oct 4, 2021- Oct 6, 2021

Workshop on Central Asia October 4 – 6, 2021 each day from 12:00 – 15:00 UTC, Online  “An exploration of climate science in Central Asia –– moving towards frontiers of knowledge and action” This workshop will build from an online survey on climate change in Central Asia that the Global Energy and Water EXchanges (GEWEX), […]

South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA) Webinar on
the Asian Precipitation EXperiment (AsiaPEX)

Sep 4, 2021- Sep 4, 2021

The Asian Precipitation Experiment (AsiaPEX) was launched in 2019 as a prospect Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP) under the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) program and its Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) and is the successor of the GEWEX RHPs GAME and the MAHASRI. Under the threat of the climate change due to the global warming, understanding […]

GWF 2021 Annual Open Science Meeting

May 17, 2021- May 19, 2021

The 2021 Global Water Futures (GWF) Annual Open Science Meeting (GWF2021) will bring together the GWF community (researchers, affiliates, partners, collaborators, and stakeholders) in a virtual setting to share our latest scientific achievements and success stories, provide updates on end user solutions, and support the actions needed to secure Canada’s water future. GWF2021 will offer […]