VI Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling Workshop

Sep 7 - 9, 2022 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

The series of workshops ‘Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling’ is devoted to all climate modeling activities at the convection-permitting resolution. This is the resolution where there is no need to parametrize convection and it is solved directly by the dynamics of the atmosphere (namely below 5 km).

The workshop series covers global and regional climate modeling from model development to state-of-the-art climatological studies performed at this resolution. It is an open forum to discuss about the newest trends in model development, such as: use of new HPC paradigms as GPU/ARM processors, new coding methodologies and languages, model construction strategies and hardware requirements. It also encompasses discussions around the benefits and added value of using the convection-permitting resolution for climate studies using multiple approaches such as: climate services, story lines, case-studies among others.

In this edition, VI Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling workshop (viCPCMW), the aim is to strengthen the presence of members of the scientific community of impact studies, policy makers and decision makers in aspects related to the adaptation to the projected changes in climate. As well as, be an opportunity to discuss the last advances and newest techniques being used in the area worldwide, with special focus on South America research activities.

The Conference will be on hybrid mode, presential and virtual assistance.

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