1st LIAISE Conference and
determining evapotranspiration CrossCut Workshop

Mar 27 - 29, 2023 | Lleida, Spain

Call for Abstracts

This conference invites contributions covering topics that include:

  • modeling studies aimed at including anthropogenic processes (land surface, meteorological or hydrological) within or including the LIAISE area addressing the main project objectives, studies using observational data from the LIAISE field campaign
  • applications using remote sensing data (from planes, drones or satellites) to estimate irrigation requirements or evapotranspiration over the region
  • contributions from the GEWEX determining EvapoTranspiration (dET) Crosscutting Project.

Registration and Abstract Submission

To participate in the 1st LIAISE Conference and dET CrossCut Workshop, we ask you to register.
Registration is open from 5 September 2022 to 17 February 2023.
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Abstract submission is open between 5 September 2022 and 13 January 2023.
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Registration and Abstract submission fees:

RegistrationUSD $100
Abstract SubmissionUSD $25