International GEWEX/GASS/LS4P and TPEMIP Regional Modeling & Aerosol in Snow Workshop

Jul 7 - 9, 2019 | Nanjing, China

Since the launch of the GEWEX/GASS “Impact of initialized land temperature and snowpack on sub-seasonal to seasonal prediction” (LS4P) Initiative and “Third Pole Experiment Multi-Model Intercomparison” (TPEMIP) Project in 2018, more evidence and research support that the high elevation land surface temperature/subsurface temperature (LST/SUBT) in the initial condition in the Third Pole region (TP) has substantial remote impacts on precipitation at subseasonal to seasonal scales (S2S). Following the recommendation from the productive LS4P workshop at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, this follow-up workshop aims to engage the broader international scientific community, focusing on regional climate modeling (RCM) intercomparison and the effect of light-absorbing particles in the snow (LAPS). The workshop co-chairs are Yongkang Xue (UCLA), Tandong Yao (TPE), William K-M Lau (UMD), and Aaron Boone (Meteo-France).

Workshop presentations will cover:

  1.  The available field and satellite measurements and reanalysis data in the TP regions.

  2.  Assessments of RCM downscaling ability in the TP region to realistically produce the TP climate pattern and surface water and energy balances and identify possible causes for model biases.

  3.  The possibility of value-added information in the design and validation of RCM for LST/SUBT rainfall predictability study.

  4.  The sources of LAPS in TP and the spatial and temporal variability of LAPS.

  5.  Impact of LAPS on snow, LST/SUBT, surface hydrology, and S2S Prediction.

  6.  Other subjects that are related to the LS4P project.

The workshop will also consist of sub-group discussions on the next stage of TPEMIP RCM and LAPS experiments from July 8 to noon July 9, at which time the workshop will be concluded.

Travel Support
For those who need travel support, please email Dr. Yongkang Xue before May 1, 2019.
The Local Organization Committee will provide limited support based on need and funding availability.

Venue and Hotel
The workshop will take place at The International Conference Center, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

Presentation Titles and Abstracts
The deadlines for sending in your Presentation Title(s) and/or Abstract(s) are:

Sponsors and Organization
The workshop is organized and sponsored by:

  • GEWEX/Global Atmospheric System Study (GASS)
  • Third Pole Environment (TPE)
  • University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Nanjing University

The local organization members for the 2019 workshop are Weidong Guo (Nanjing University), check out, Weicai Wang (TPE), and Miao Yu (NUIST).

Click for more information on the LS4P initiative.

A successful 2nd International GEWEX/GASS/LS4P and TPEMIP Workshop: Regional Modeling & Aerosol in Snow.
Our thanks go out to the Organizing Committee, Sponsors, host Nanjing University and Participants. @GEWEX_WCRP