VII Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling Workshop

Aug 29 - 31, 2023 | Bergen, Norway

About the Workshop


  1. Communicate advances in Convection-Permitting Climate Modelling (CPCM) and our understanding of fine scale processes; how these influence/are influenced by larger scale features and elucidate how climate change and its impacts are experienced at local scales.

  2. Address, and propose solutions to, barriers to continued advancement – such as lack of key earth system or human components. 

  3. Through concrete examples discuss how we can tailor CPCM research in such a way so as to support adaptation efforts, vulnerability & impacts assessments and downstream climate services.


The anchoring theme for the VII Convection Permitting Climate Modelling workshop is “Mountainous regions and high latitudes as climate change hot spots”. However, we welcome contributions on any topic germane to the aims of the workshop.


Oral session
Topics include but are not limited to: extremes and impacts, observations and observational uncertainty, model and methodological development/advances, the role CPCM in climate services and adaptation support development.

Panel discussions will be held on the importance of: i) community efforts, ii) data analysis, handling, open science and equitability in CPCM science, iii) mountainous regions and high latitudes in a changing climate: implications and challenges.

Poster sessions: there will be up to 2 poster sessions held after the oral and panel discussions sessions


The workshop will be held at

The Scandic Hotel City
Håkonsgaten 2–7
Bergen, Norway

Science Committe

For additional information, please visit the official meeting website at


Background image courtesy of Guiseppe Milo: Hellesøy – Bergen, Norway