1st Global Flood Crosscutting Project Workshop

Sep 22, 2023 | Online

1st Global Flood Crosscutting Project Workshop:

Needs, Priorities, and Partnerships to Advance Flood Research and Impacts


GEWEX is interested in establishing a new project as a Global Flood Crosscutting Initiative that crosses several activities within the GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) and link with other GEWEX panels. Initial directions and thoughts about this initiative can be found in  Samadi et al., 2021, The Role of GEWEX in Moving the Needle on the Resiliency of Society to Flooding, GEWEX Quarterly, Volume 31, Quarter 4, 2021, pg 11–12 .


The goals of the flood crosscutting initiative are to overcome barriers in flood modeling and observational architectures, and climate change and land use change impacts on flooding risk and consequences across current and future periods. The results of this first Flood CC workshop will allow the GEWEX Hydrometeorology Panel (GHP) to propagate flood modeling and research knowledge from one region to the other and synthesize results at a global scale. 

When & Where

Date: 22 September 2023
Time: 08:30 – 12:30 UTC
Location: Online


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Time Zones:
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08:30 (UTC)
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Workshop Format and Program

Due to the transcontinental nature of the participant, the workshop will be held in an online-only format. The workshop will consist of three 2-hour sessions run in parallel. These sessions will be held on Sept 22nd, 2023 with the goal to accommodate participation across different time zones. The total commitment, outside of preparing the application, should be equivalent to a traditional in-person half-day workshop. The outcomes of the workshop include an Exclusive Summary and a Workshop report. 

Survey results have dictated the following session subjects:

Session 1: Hydrologic Factors for Flood Generation
What physical and hydrological factors dominate flood generation mechanisms across scales? And how these might be different in the combined flood generation mechanisms across the coastal, urban, and rural settings?

Session 2: Spatiotemporal Variability of Flooding
What changes in atmospheric and landscape systems control spatiotemporal variability of flooding?

Session 3: Interplay with Climate and Land Use
What is the likely interplay of climate and catchment physical changes (indicators of abrupt system shifts) on flood occurrence and predictability?  How do changes in climate systems and land systems (e.g., dam-induced land use changes, etc.) co-evolve and cascade from the atmosphere to the land surface and affect catchment susceptibility to flooding? How do the sensitivity and uncertainty of flood simulations increase under non-stationarity? 

Session Elements

Kick-off (plenary)
The workshop will be initiated with a 10-minute period of welcome, orientation, technology checks, and instructions followed by a brief presentation about the GEWEX and Flood crosscutting project. The workshop includes 3 sessions with two-hour live sessions each run in parallel, hosted on Zoom.

Presentations (breakout sessions)
Each two-hour live session has four presenters. Each presenter has 10 minutes for presentation followed by 4 minutes of Q&A and 1-minute translation to the next presenter.

Discussion and Create Summary Slide (breakout sessions)
Each session includes 45 minutes of discussion, brainstorming, and exchanging ideas. Every 4 presenters will then summarize the discussion of their session in a Summery Slide.

There will be 15 minutes break after the sessions.

Wrap-up (plenary)
The 60-minute closing segment allows for each session to report to the entire workshop and provide a summary of what was learned in that session and a foreshadowing of the next steps in the workshop process.

Next Steps and Future Meeting (plenary)
The Flood Crosscutting team will discuss the next steps and future plans of this initiative.


For the full program go to https://www.gewexevents.org/meetings/2023floods/program/

Image courtesy of Sandro Bisotti: Flooded