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3rd Baltic Earth Conference:
Earth system Changes and Baltic Sea coast

Jun 1, 2020- Jun 5, 2020

****** POSTPONED ****** These pages will be updated when new information becomes available

10-year HyMeX Workshop

May 25, 2020- May 29, 2020

***** POSTPONED ***** Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown measures in a number of countries, the 10-year HyMeX Workshop is cancelled. The workshop may be rescheduled later in 2021. Take care! More information can be found on the official webpage. Objective This edition of the yearly HyMeX International Workshops will be largely devoted to […]

3rd Annual GWF 2020 Annual Open Science Meeting: Predicting and Achieving Sustainable Water Futures

May 11, 2020- May 13, 2020

***** CHANGED TO A “VIRTUAL” EVENT ***** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the GWF Strategic Management Committee has decided on an alternative “virtual” event in the form of published abstracts, an online poster session, with the possibility of presenting a lightning talk (short video) on the posters, an online policy panel discussion, and a short […]

The INARCH 5th Annual Workshop (by invitation only)

Mar 31, 2020- Apr 1, 2020

****** POSTPONED ******These pages will be updated when new information becomes available INARCH is a network of scientists studying alpine research catchment hydrology around the world and has the overall objective to better understand alpine cold regions hydrological processes, improve their prediction, and find consistent measurement strategies.The fifth annual workshop will address activities, progress, and […]

GEWEX Integrated Product Workshop
Land surface – Atmosphere Interctions from Global Water and Energy Perspective

Mar 16, 2020- Mar 18, 2020

****** POSTPONED ******These pages will be updated when new information becomes available Objective The workshop seeks to better understand the uses and limitations of the newly released GEWEX Global, 1 degree, 3-hourly Integrated Water and Energy products for use in understanding land surface – atmosphere interactions. By examining the relationship between surface properties (including temperature, […]