8th GEWEX Science Conference

Extremes and Water on the Edge

GEWEX, the Global Energy and Water Exchanges project, is holding its 8th Science Conference from 6-11 May 2018 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. The Conference will explore challenges to understanding and predicting changes in climate extremes and the availability of freshwater under the complex factors of natural variability, forced climate change due to human activity, and human management practices. Topics will reflect the main themes of the GEWEX project and of the two World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Grand Challenges on "Weather and Climate Extremes" and "Water for the Food Baskets of the World." A Joint YESS-YHS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Workshop will be held from 3-5 May 2018.

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The Global Energy and Water cycle Exchanges (GEWEX), a core project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), is dedicated to understanding Earth’s water cycle and energy fluxes at and below the surface and in the atmosphere. We are a network of scientists gathering information on the global water and energy cycles through research, observations, and science activities, which will help to predict changes in the world’s climate.


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