Convection-Permitting Modeling for Climate Research - Current and Future Challenges
(By Invitation only)

Sep 2 - 4, 2020 | Kyoto, Japan

***** Virtual Workshop *****

Due to COVID-19 the workshop “Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling for Climate Research – Current and Future Challenges” is changed to a virtual workshop (by invitation only).


The main focus of the virtual workshop is the simulation of mesoscale processes and extreme events with CPMs and the use of CPM data for hazard and impact assessments. Recent advancements in CPM simulations, facilitate community interactions, and identify key challenges will be highlighted, which will help with the planning of the postponed in-person 2021 workshop. Due to the limited nature of the workshop we are currently mainly planning on invited presentations.

Key Topics

  • The added value of convection-permitting climate simulations
  • Mechanisms of extreme events by using very high resolution model
  • Event based story line approaches to climate change
  • Asian high resolution modeling research activities
  • Towards global convection-permitting modeling
  • Co-production of climate impact information based on convective permitting models and observations

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Background image courtesy of Edward Stojakovic