Current Meetings

2017 GLASS Meeting

May 15, 2017- May 16, 2017

The Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) is a volunteer-based research coordination panel focusing on land surface model development and evaluation in three core areas: benchmarking, land-atmosphere coupling and model-data fusion. GLASS encourages and coordinates community-based activities in these areas, covering climate and weather timescales in both offline and coupled modeling environments, across the coupled water, […]

Hydrology Delivers Earth System Sciences to Society 4

May 16, 2017- May 19, 2017

Aims Across various disciplines, a number of community-wide initiatives (such as GSWP, ISIMIP, HAPPI, ILAMB, etc.) have developed to synthesize and advance knowledge of climate change impacts, land surface processes, and global energy and water cycles. They have achieved significant scientific progress and made indispensable contributions to the development of Earth-system sciences in recent decades. […]