2018 UTCC PROES Workshop

Oct 22 - 23, 2018 | Paris, France

The Global Energy and Exchanges Process Evaluation Studies (GEWEX PROES) intend to provide observational based metrics for a better understanding of climate related physical processes and thus to advance their representation in research, weather, and climate models. Convection is a fundamental mode of mixing and transport, moving heat, moisture, momentum, and atmospheric constituents through the Earth’s atmosphere. Convective storms are the sole source of precipitation in many regions of our planet. UT clouds, formed as outflow of convection, play a vital role in the Earth’s weather and climate system by modulating the Earth’s energy budget and UT heat transport.

Thanks to all our colleagues who could actively participate and made this workshop succesfull.
The presentations are now available via our website (click on meetings and then on agenda for October 2018).