Improvement and calibration of clouds in models

Jun 15 - 19, 2020 | Toulouse, France

Around 15 April a decision will be made regarding the continuation of the conference, depending on the International situation on the COVID-19 Pandemic at that time.

The workshop on Improvement and calibration of clouds in models will be held in Toulouse from 16 to 19 June 2020. The goal of this workshop is to discuss and share the latest improvements of atmospheric parameterizations for the representation of clouds with a focus on turbulence, convection, cloud, microphysics and radiation. This concerns any type of models: regional or global models with numerical weather prediction or climate applications.

In this workshop, we would like to have a strong component on the use of LES for the advancement of the representation of clouds with an emphasis on the following aspects:

  • observations and LES for parameterization developments: systematic comparison of single-column model simulations to observations and LES on an ensemble of cases; parameterization-oriented diagnostics;
  • recent progresses in cloud, turbulence, convection, microphysics parameterizations: new approaches, importance of coupling between parameterizations;
  • cloud radiative effects: reference computation, cloud overlap and heterogeneity issues, new development in parameterization, coupling between radiation and other parameterizations;
  • strategy of tuning and in particular the use of new statistical tools to provide a process-oriented calibration of parameterizations, link with 3D tuning;
  • machine learning for model improvement;
  • the future for the representation of clouds in models.

The workshop is organized in the framework of the High-Tune project and follows, in the spirit, the 2017 Delft meeting on the future of cumulus convection and the 2019 Paracon conference. It will be organized around with only one plenary session with a mixture of invited and contributed presentations and poster sessions.

A 2 hour tutorial on harnessing machine learning and the comparison of Single-Column Models and Large-Eddy Simulations for parameterisation development wil be proposed by Daniel Williamson.

A hands-on workshop will be organized on Monday (15 June) to define a common format for in- and outputs for Single-Column Models. The High-Tune and DEPHY community (the French community working on development and evaluation of physical parameterization) has tested a format and would like to propose it to the community, and discuss possible modifications of this format in order to adapt to constraints of other modelling centers. This side workshop will be limited to 30 persons in order to be efficient and we encourage all the modeling groups to participate. If you are interested, please contact via email

For more information on the workshop on “Improvement and calibration of clouds in models” and for registration, click here.

On 15 June, 2020, a side meeting on the GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies (GASS) project, The Grey Zone 2, will take place.

Image courtesy of Meteo France