ILSTSS2S Kickoff Workshop (by invitation only)

Dec 8 - 9, 2018 | Washington D.C.

Impact of Initialized Land Temperature and Snowpack on Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction (ILSTSS2S) is a GEWEX/GASS initiative.

This project focuses more on the process understanding and predictability rather than theoperational S2S prediction and intends to address two questions:
  1. What is the impact of the initialization of large scale LST/SUBT and snow pack, including the aerosol in snow, in climate models on the S2S prediction over different regions?
  2. What is the relative role and uncertainties in these land processes versus in SST in S2S prediction? How do they synergistically enhance the S2S predictability?

More information on ILSTSS2S and our kickoff workshop can be found here.