GEWEX Hydroclimatolgy Panel CC Workshop: Determining Evapotranspiration by invitation only

Oct 7 - 10, 2019 | Sydney (NSW), Australia

The GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) hosts Crosscuting projects (or simply “Crosscuts” or “CCs”), defined as
“focused activities that address specific science questions.” CCs allow Regional Hydroclimate Projects (RHPs) to
collaborate transversally, and they may also involve interested scientists that are not members of an RHP. Current
and recent CCs have been mostly devoted to precipitation and hydrology-related issues, and until now there has
been no CC on evapotranspiration (ET). GHP aims to explore, via an interdisciplinary forum, whether it is timely
to open a discussion on how ET is defined, measured and used in hydroclimatological research and operational

This workshop is hosted together with the 2019 GHP meeting by Jason Evans, Center of Climate Change Research, University of South Wales, Sydney Australia.

More information concerning agenda, venue, hotel, logistics and general information on Sydney will follow soon.

Photo courtesy of Tristan Schmurr