6th PannEx Workshop:
Regional environmental challenges in the Pannonian basin

Jun 8 - 10, 2020 | Martonvásár, Hungary

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PannEx (Pannonian Basin Experiment) is a Regional Hydroclimate Project of the Global Energy and Water Exchanges project (GEWEX), which aims to achieve a better understanding of the Earth system components and their interactions in the Pannonian Basin. The international efforts involve the international research community in an integrated approach towards identifying and increasing adaptation capacity in the face of climate change in the Pannonian Basin.


The 6th workshop is dedicated to introduce the ongoing and planned research on climate change in extreme weather events and adaptation in the Pannonian Basin, and to discuss the cooperation possibilities for research projects. The workshop is intended to strengthen & organise the work of the PannEx Task Teams and develop a new iteration of the Science and Implementation Plan. The flagship scientific questions and cross cut subjects identified and developed during the last 4 years are formalised in the White Book.


Topics of the 6th workshop follow the structure of the PannEx Task Teams and include:

  • Agroclimatological and Agrobiological Systems;
  • Energy Production;
  • Special Observations and Data Analysis;
  • Ecosystem Services;
  • Urban Climate and Air Quality;
  • Outreach and Education;
  • Micrometeorology and Agronomical Process Modelling;
  • Water Balance at Basin Scale;
  • Modelling from Climate to Flash Floods

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for posters or oral presentations should be sent to pannex2020@met.hu before 1 April 2020. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of the presentation by the Scientific Organisation Committee in mid-April.

Scientific Organisation Committee:

Andrej Ceglar (JRC)
Joan Couxart (UIB)
Adina Croitoru (UBB)
Vladimir Djurdjevic (Univ of Belgrade)
Nándor Fodor (ATK MGI)
Ivan Guettler (DHMZ)
Danijel Jug (UNIOS)
Branka Ivancan-Picek (DHMZ)
Mónika Lakatos (OMSZ)
Tamás Weidinger (ELU)


The workshop is open for experienced and young researchers, experts and decision makers involved in climate change adaptation.
Registration is free, yet the number of participants is limited. If you want to attend the 6th PannEx Workshop, please register.


The agenda will become available in May 2020.

Venue and Lodging


The 6th PannEx Workshop will take place and is hosted by:

The Agricultural Institute, Centre of Agricultural Resarch
2 Brunszvik Street, 2462 Martonvásár, Hungary

Brunszvik Castle, Martonvásár


In Martonvásár and in walking distance for the meeting venue:

Ludwig Hotel Martonvásár
Emlékezés tere 5, 2462 Martonvásár, Hungary

See map for directions

By train it takes around 40 min. to get from Budapest Déli pályaudvar railway station to the venue.
In walking distance of the Budapest Déli pályaudvar railway station the following accommodation can be found:

Hotel Mercure Budapest Buda
Krisztina krt. 41-43, 1013 Budapest

Directions and information can be found here.


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Useful links

  • Map Budapest Déli pályaudvar railway station to The Agricultural Institute, Centre of Agricultural Resarch (Google Map Link)
  • Map from Hotel Mercure Budapest Buda to Budapest Déli pályaudvar railway station (PDF) or Google Map Link
  • Map from Hotel Ludwig Martonvásár to the Meeting Venue
  • General Schengen VISA Information

  • Background image courtesy The Agricultural Institute, Centre of Agricultural Resarch
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