8th GEWEX Open Science Conference: Extremes and Water on the Edge

May 6 - 11, 2018 | Canmore, Alberta, Canada

ECR and Student Presentation Competition

A list of students and early career scientist presenting in each session will be given to the session chairs/co-chairs (below), along with evaluation forms for each presentation, during registration. The session chairs/co-chairs and the judges for each session recruited so far are listed here. Session chairs/co-chairs will need to complete the evaluations themselves or solicit other knowledgeable volunteers when need or conflict of interests dictates. Each presentation will be evaluated on the quality (technical content, technical knowledge of the material), as well as presentation delivery.

To ensure a robust evaluation, we strive for three evaluations for each presentation. Evaluations will be submitted through an online form by the end of the day. Evaluations performed for presentations on Thursday must be submitted by 6:00 PM Thursday evening.

An independent Awards Committee consisting of representatives from the planning committee, and other members of the scientific community as needed and when conflict of interests dictates, will review the numerical ratings and comments from the evaluations and produce a summary of the rankings. The Awards Committee will then select the top presentations from the student and early career scientist to be recognized and given a specific award. Awards will consist of three iPads and a number of other prizes donated by other professional organizations.


First name Last name Session Number Poster/Oral Poster Number Abstract title
Zun Yin 1 Poster A-7 How irrigation affects water budget in China with different irrigation schemes
Marisol Osman 1 Poster A-4 Towards the co-production of climate knowledge for Strengthening Societal Adaptation Response to Extreme Events: Strategy for Northeastern Argentina agricultural sector.
Maria Poggi 1 Poster A-5 Assessing the analog method for statistical downscaling of daily precipitation in Southeastern South America
Kenshi Hibino 2 Poster and lightning talk C-49* High resolution monitoring system of hydrological cycle in Japan
Fuxing WANG 2 Oral Estimating riverine fresh water flux into the Mediterranean sea
Sara Vallejo-Bernal 3 Poster:
Presented on Wednesday only
D-5 Evaluating Diverse Potential Evapotranspiration Methodologies and Datasets in Amazonia under the Budyko Framework
Julian Giles 4 Poster and lightning talk C-35* The diurnal cycle of precipitation over South America and how preceding soil moisture conditions can affect precipitation events.
Elizabeth Lewis 4 Oral Creating a global sub-daily precipitation dataset
Liang Chen 5 Poster C-4 Observed and Simulated Impacts of Global Irrigation on Local Surface Temperature
Yeliz Yilmaz 5 Oral Modeling the Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the Upper Euphrates and Tigris Basin : How Does It Affect the Regional Water Budget and Energy Balance Under A Changing Climate?
Patricia Lawston 5 Oral and
C-5 Irrigation Signals Detected from Satellite Soil Moisture Retrievals Irrigation Signals Detected from Satellite Soil Moisture Retrievals / Also an oral presentation in S5 on Wednesday, 9 May at 11:30 AM in the Ladyslipper-Arnica Room
Georges-Noel Longandjo 6 Poster C-46 On the large-scale circulation over Central Africa and its associated water vapour budget
Jean-Luc Martel 6 Poster C-44 Evolution of daily and hourly precipitation and streamflow extremes in three large ensembles of climate simulations over North American catchments
Tina Trautmann 7 Poster B-20* Understanding terrestrial water storage variations in northern latitudes across scales
Laurie Huning 7 Oral Snow Water Equivalent Response to Hydrometeorological Variability, Climate Change, and Extreme Winter Storms Across the Western United States
Sebastian Krogh 7 Poster B-26 Past, Present and Future Arctic hydrology under changing climate and vegetation
Michael Allchin 7 Poster B-24 A spatial analysis of Northern Hemisphere seasonal snow replenishment trends, 1971-2014
Christopher McCray 7 Poster and lightning talk B-19* Long-Duration Freezing Rain Events over North America: Regional Climatology and Maintenance Mechanisms
Dominic Matte 7 Poster B-25 Projected changes of mixed precipitation over southern Québec, Canada, using high-resolution regional climate simulations
Andreas Prein 8 Oral Modeling future changes in Mesoscale Convective Systems: why end-of-century floods might be more severe than expected
Kevin Reed 8 Poster D-18 Investigating potential changes in tropical cyclones impacting the U.S. using a high-resolution global model
Charlotte Love 8 Poster D-23 Comparison of extreme precipitation return levels using spatial Bayesian hierarchical modeling versus regional frequency analysis
Imme Benedict 8 Poster D-29 The effect of model resolution on the representation of the hydrological cycle in the Rhine and Mississippi basin
Silvia Innocenti 8 Oral Observed and simulated rainfall at multiple scales: how do extremes from the Canadian CRCM5 Large-Ensemble scale in space and time in historical and future climate?
Sara Vallejo-Bernal 8 Poster:
Presented on Thursday only
D-26 Statistical Scaling of the Percentiles of the Daily Flow Duration Curve with the Long-Term Mean Discharge in Colombian Rivers
Nabir Mamnun 8 Poster D-24 Forcing ocean model with atmospheric model outputs to simulate storm surge in the Bangladesh coast
Natalia Bliankinshtein 10 Oral Radiative contribution to the North-American cold air outbreaks in a Lagrangian perspective
Mohammad Masud 11 Oral Water footprint analysis of barley production in Alberta: implications for water use and yields to 2064
Shailendra Mandal 11 Poster and lightning talk C-6* Effects of Climate Extremes on Urban Freshwater Availability: A Case Study of An Indian Metropolitan City
Quan Cui 12 Poster D-36 Modeling and uncertainty analysis of wetlands water storage volume in Alberta, Canada
Kosuke Yamamoto 12 Poster D-37 The Effect of Satellite Data on a Global Hydrological Simulation
Christopher Beale 12 Poster D-38 Diurnal cycles of surface temperatures using satellite, UAV remote sensing, and in situ measurements.
Romina Ruscica 12 Oral Surface soil moisture dry-down in a land-atmosphere hotspot observed by SMOS and AMSRE/2 and modeled by ORCHIDEE
Mariette Vreugdenhil 12 Oral Impacts of climate variability on vegetation dynamics as observed from microwave observations.
Cornelia Klein 12 Oral Observational evidence for soil moisture patterns affecting deep convection in mature mesoscale convective systems
Isabella Pfeil 12 Poster D-35 Satellite surface soil moisture trends in Austria
Phu Nguyen 12 Poster and lightning talk D-30* Global satellite precipitation observations from weather to climate scales: progress to date and challenges ahead
Stephan Thober 13 Poster D-40 Climate change alters low flows in Europe under a global warming of 1.5, 2, and 3 degrees
Bethel Ukazu 13 Poster D-46 Groundwater in emergencies: Impact of large scale Humanitarian response on groundwater resources, a case study of Boko Haram Crisis in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria.
Peter Greve 13 Oral Global assessment of water management challenges under uncertainty in water scarcity projections
Aseem Sharma 13 Poster and lightning talk D-39* Contribution of atmospheric river to extreme snowfall events across British Columbia, Canada
Tiantian Yang 13 Poster D-47 The Water-Energy Nexus in the 21′ Century: The Important Role of Reservoir and Hydropower Systems Impacted by Climate Change, Hydrometerological Conditions and Human’s Interference
Andre Bertoncini 14 Poster and lightning talk A-42* GPM-IMERG Snowfall Estimates in Cold Mountainous Regions
Kabir Rasouli 14 Poster A-46 Interaction between climate and vegetation changes in affecting hydrological processes in mountainous regions
Vincent Vionnet 14 Oral High-resolution hydrological forecasting of the June 2013 flood in the Canadian Rockies
Joanna Young 14 Poster A-49 Estimating recent glacier mass loss for the Juneau Icefield, Alaska, using GRACE gravimetry and water balance modeling
Kristoffer Aalstad 14 Poster A-48 Snow history matching in mountainous terrain
Travis Roth 14 Poster and lightning talk A-43* Advances in canopy snow interception understanding and modeling framework within a maritime forest
Caroline Aubry-Wake 14 Oral Impacts of snowpack accumulation and summer weather extremes on alpine glacier hydrology
Xiaoduo Pan 15 Poster D-10 Evaluation of the linkage between evapotranspiration and precipitation over Tibetan Plateau based on WRF model and remote sensing products
xiaohua hao 15 Poster D-13 Accuracy assessment of four cloud-free snow cover products over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Neil Tandon 15 Oral Understanding the Dynamics of Future Changes in Extreme Precipitation Intensity
Dambaru Kattel 15 Poster and lightning talk C-16* Temperature Prediction Model for High Elevation Mountain Terrain: An Example from the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
Linyun Yang 15 Poster C-21 Evaluation of multi-physics on the simulation of extreme hot summer in 2003 over CORDEX-EA-II Region
Furrukh Bashir 15 Poster D-12 A Hydrometeorological Perspective on the Karakoram Anomaly Using Unique Valley-Based Synoptic Weather Observations
Anna Ukkola 16 Oral Exploring the contribution of land-atmosphere feedbacks to hot extremes in CMIP5 models
Martha Vogel 16 Oral Extremely hot or not? Divergent projections for precipitation in Central Europe explain uncertainties in extreme temperatures
peng wang 16 Poster A-39 How do forest and grassland ecosystems respond differently to heat waves?
Weilin Liao 16 Poster A-40 Local hydroclimate controls the urban-rural contrast of long-term trends in heat waves
Martha Vogel 16 Oral Extremely hot or not? Divergent projections for precipitation in Central Europe explain uncertainties in extreme temperatures
Regula Muelchi 17 Oral Future Changes in Moisture Transport towards the Alps
Xi Cao 17 Oral Contributions of different time scale variations to tropical cyclogenesis over the western North Pacific
Yumin Moon 17 Oral Process-Oriented Diagnostics of Tropical Cyclones in Global Climate Models
Cassiano Bortolozo 17 Poster B-44 Integration of Geophysical Methods, Geotechnical Soundings and Soil Characterization Applied in Landslide Study in Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Benoit Guillod 17 Poster B-51 Flood impact modelling: economics and adaptation at the global scale
Bethany Woodhams 17 Poster B-47 High-resolution model case studies of the lake breeze and severe storms over the Lake Victoria Basin
Christina Aragon 17 Poster B-55 Large-scale meteorological patterns associated with precipitation extremes over Portland, OR
Hamed Moftakhari Rostamkhani 18 Oral Multi-hazard modeling in Coastal Systems
Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya 18 Poster B-35 Probable maximum precipitation using bivariate extreme value analysis
Nina Ridder 18 Oral Assessment of the performance of the top-down approach to study compound events on the example of the Role of Atmospheric Rivers in compound events along the Dutch coast
Felicia Chiang 18 Oral Accelerated Warming of Temperatures during Droughts
Martha Vogel 18 Poster and lightning talk B-32* Spatially concurrent heatwaves and their relevance for global crop production
Colin Mahony 18 Oral Intensified departures from natural variability in coupled climate variables
Jakob Zscheischler 18 Poster B-33 Future climate risk: The challenge of compound events
Megan Kirchmeier-Young 19 Oral Attribution of extreme wildfire risk in western Canada
Iman Mallakpour 19 Oral A new normal for streamflow over northern California: less moderates, more extremes
Tim Cowan 19 Oral The 1930s Dust Bowl heat waves: were they Atlantic forced, and did anthropogenic climate change play a role?
Jacob Hunter 19 Poster B-3 Can Greater-than-Gaussian Increases in Extreme Warm Temperature Threshold Exceedances in Regions of non-Gaussian Short Tails be Detected in the Observational Record?
Stephan Thober 20 Oral Climate change will redefine soil drought in Europe
Manon Sabot 20 Oral Do plants follow a profit maximisation approach during drought?
Eveline Linden 20 Poster and lightning talk C-23* Impact of model resolution on future soil moisture droughts over central Europe
Zilefac Elvis Asong 20 Poster C-33 Spatiotemporal evolution of hydroclimatic drought over Canada under present conditions
Joshua Roundy 20 Oral The Impact of Land-Atmosphere Coupling on the development of Flash Droughts
Samuel Sutanto 20 Oral and Poster C-29 Can we forecast meteorological and hydrological drought events few months ahead? / Also an oral presentation in S20 on Wednesday, 9 May at 3:35 PM in the Crocus Room
David Burrows 20 Poster C-32 Multi-scale interaction of drought and the low-level jet in the Great Plains
Jiexia Wu 20 Poster C-31 A new framework for determining causes of drought demise over CONUS
Dean Walker 20 Poster C-25 Seasonal Prediction Skill of the Long and Short Rains in East Africa
Heewon Moon 20 Oral Drought Persistence Errors in Global Climate Models
Xiaoya Zhang 20 Oral Global patterns of teleconnection between climate forcings and regional hydrologic cycles
FENG MA 20 Poster C53 Drought characteristics and forecasting in the Heihe River basin, Northwestern China
Shraddhanand Shukla 20 Poster C-30 Improving drought representation and understanding of drought risks in Africa using integrated model, satellite-based and reanalysis hydrologic estimates
Niko Wanders 20 Oral A 2000 year drought dataset for present-day and 2K temperature increase
Victor Indasi 21 Oral Impacts of climate Extremes over selected African Coastal Cities under 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees C global warming
Nestor Bernal 21 Poster C-10 On the anisotropy in the spatial distribution of the correlation of precipitation in Upper Magdalena river basin in Colombia
Omid Mazdiyasni 21 Poster C-12 Increasing probability of mortality during Indian heat waves
Faten ATTIG BAHAR 21 Poster C-13 Mapping a Changing Energy Landscape in North Africa with Relation to Climate Change and Extreme events: Tunisia Case
Genito Maure 21 Oral The southern African climate under 1.5° and 2°C of global warming as simulated by CORDEX models
Jakob Zscheischler 21 Oral Heat stress and fire risk: opposing effects of climate model biases on risk uncertainty
Laura Araque Lavalle 22 Poster and lightning talk D-7* Application of software (Solam) for the interpretation of data of geotechnical rainfall stations
Peter Shellito 22 Oral Controls on surface soil drying rates observed by SMAP and simulated by the Noah land surface model
geng xia 22 Oral Quantifying vertical soil heterogeneity and its impact on modeled event and seasonal-scale runoff
Zhe Zhang 23 Poster B-16 Climate-Groundwater Interaction on Modeling Wetlands in Prairie Pothole Region
Carla Gulizia 23 Poster A-12 Relationship between rainfall and runoff variability in the La Plata Basin at seasonal to decadal timescale
Tomoko Nitta 23 Poster B-14 The impact of representing snow-fed wetlands on summer warm and dry biases through land atmosphere interaction in MIROC5 AGCM experiment
Cheng Tao 23 Poster and lightning talk A-9* The regional water budget for different convection regimes at the Southern Great Plains
Benoit Guillod 23 Oral The high relevance of the biogeophysical impacts of land use change in low emission scenarios
Chiara Holgate 23 Oral Local soil moisture-rainfall correlation at varying spatial scales
Heewon Moon 23 Poster B-12 Temporal and Spatial Soil Moisture Effects on Afternoon Rainfall in Global Climate Models
geng xia 23 Poster B-18 Simulating Impacts of Real-World Wind Farms on Land Surface Temperature Using the WRF Model: Physical Mechanisms
Izidine Pinto 24 Oral Why do rainfall projections from GCMs and RCMs differ? A synoptic circulation method approach over southern Africa.
Ryan Padron 24 Oral Probabilistically constrained climate projections of water availability over land
Jason Flemke 25 Poster and lightning talk A-23* Central U.S. WRF statistical verification of simulated composite radar
Alexander Baker 25 Poster A-29 Extratropical cyclones and extreme precipitation in high-resolution global climate models
Neil Hart 25 Oral The effect of permitted versus parametrized convection on the simulation of tropical-extratropical interactions over southern Africa
Lucia Scaff 25 Oral Convective precipitation initiation over the eastern foothill of the Canadian Rockies under historical and future climate conditions
Zhenyu HAN 25 Poster A-30 Ensemble projection of temperature and precipitation under the 1.5°C warming in East Asia using regional climate models
Steefan Contractor 26 Oral Quantification of changes in observed precipitation distributions globally using a new land-based gridded dataset of daily precipitation with coverage back to 1950
Mia Gross 26 Poster and lightning talk B-36* The sensitivity of daily temperature variability and extremes to dataset choice
Matilde Ungerovich 26 Oral, poster and lightning talk B-37* Characterization and predictability of extreme rainfall events in Southern Uruguay in Summer and Spring / Also an oral presentation in S26 on Tuesday, 8 May at 3:45 PM in the Crocus Room
Emily Slinskey 26 Oral Assessment of Observational Uncertainty in Extreme Precipitation Events over the Continental United States