2017 GDAP-EEI Meeting

Oct 9 - 12, 2017 | Mesa Lab, NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA

GDAP-EEI Meeting
NCAR, Boulder, Colorado
Damon Room, Mesa Lab

The draft agenda for the meeting is below.

9 October 2017

Topic: Interactions within WCRP with CONCEPT-HEAT

CONCEPT HEAT – GDAP members welcome


The CLIVAR research focus CONCEPT-HEAT (Consistency between planetary energy balance and ocean heat storage) is focused on Earth’s Energy Imbalance (EEI) and its largest component, the changes in ocean heat content (OHC). CONCEPT-HEAT aims to bring together experts from ocean and atmospheric reanalysis, air-sea fluxes, OHC, atmospheric radiation, sea level, and climate models to better synthesize all the information available. A goal is to foster collaboration among these different communities and build up a multi-disciplinary community to promote progress and an integrated view.

Draft Agenda


09:00 C-H and past events (Kevin Trenberth)

09:20 CLIVAR perspective (Detlef Stammer)

09:35 GEWEX perspective (Graeme Stephens)

09:50 GDAP perspective (Tristan L’Ecuyer, Rémy Roca)

10:05 Sea Level conference (Detlef Stammer)

10:15 Break

Science Developments

10:40 Sea level [Steve Nerem/Benoit Meyssignac (10 minutes each)]

11:00 Discussion of perspectives

11:10 OHC (Lijing Cheng)

11:30 Establishing TOA radiation using CERES, ERBS (Seiji Kato)

11:50 Energy budget inventory methods (Kevin Trenberth)

12:10 Discussion

12:20 Working Lunch

13:30 Transport constraints on energy and water budget inverse model (University of Reading) (Keith Haines)

13:50 Surface fluxes (Carol Anne Clayson, Isabel Trigo)

14:10 Models (John Fasullo, others)

14:30 How models do the energy balance (Andrew Gettelman)

14:45 Others (ocean reanalyses, atmosphere) (Jen Kay)

15:15 Break

The Future: Where We Go from Here

15:45 Stocktake activity (Karina von Schuckmann, Tristan L’Ecuyer)

16:10 Possible workshop (Kevin Trenberth, others)

17:00 AGU/OS (Seiji Kato, Lijing Cheng)

17:15 Discussion

18:00 Reception

10 October 2017

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome (Rémy Roca, Tristan L’Ecuyer)

09:40 Summary of past year and newly begun activities, including WDAC (Rémy Roca)

10:00-12:00 Overview

10:00 Summary of Concept Heat (EEI) meeting (Tristan L’Ecuyer)

10:20 New member talk: CERES Ed4.0 EBAF product and differences from Ed2.8 (Seiji Kato)

10:50 New member talk: Land Surface Temperature: A new ECV for GEWEX (Isabel Trigo)

11:20 Towards OHC estimation from satellite (20 minutes) (Benoit Meyssignac)

12:00 Working Lunch

13:30-15:00 Water: Data

13:30 Soil moisture (Wouter Dorigo)

14:00 GPCP (Bob Adler)

14:30 GPCC (Andreas Becker)

15:00 Break

15:30-17:00 Water: Assessments

15:30 Precipitation (Hiro Masunaga)

16:00 Water vapor (presenting for Marc Schröder)

16:30 Soil moisture (Wouter Dorigo)

17:00 Adjourn

11 October 2017

09:00-12:00 Surface flux and clouds: Data

09:00 Seaflux (Carol Anne Clayson)

09:30 Landflux (Isabel Trigo for Carlos Jimenez)

09:45 BSRN (Chuck Long)

10:15 Break

10:45 SRB (Paul Stackhouse)

11:15 ARM facilities (James Mather)

11:45 Aerocom (Tristan L’Ecuyer for Stefan Kinne)

12:00 Working Lunch

13:30-15:00 Surface flux and clouds: Assessments

13:30 Cloud assessment extension (Claudia Stubenrauch)

14:00 Continued analysis of the GEWEX Cloud Assessment data (Andy Heidinger)

14:30 Update on ISCCP

15:00 Break

15:30-16:30 Projects

15:30 Integrated GEWEX Products (Chris Kummerow)

16:00 PROES UTCC (Claudia Stubenrauch)

16:30 Outcomes from the first GEWEX Aerosol Precipitation (GAP) workshop (Tristan L’Ecuyer for Philip Stier and Sue van den Heever)

16:40 Overall discussions and next reporting/meeting planning (all)

17:00 Adjourn

12 October 2017

09:00-12:00 GDAP discussion

09:00 New name; orientation; new members; link of CH and PROESs; review process of the assessment

10:15 Break

10:45 Continue GDAP discussion

12:00 Adjourn








The background photo by Geoff Alexander is used under the Creative Commons License.